About Us

Preventing credit card & data theft

VoyagerBlue (VB) has been at the forefront of RFID development filing our first patent back in 2006 for RFID shielding inserts and we continue to innovate.
From the outset we have had an ecological bias, coming runner up in the eco innovate awards in 2010, for extensive research into the removal of silver from our shielding technology, silver being recognised as a nondutiable Nobel metal. As with most lifestyle developers supplying to retail and corporate gifting, we have very much focused on leather products supplied from India.


Each VoyagerBlue solution, developed over this fifteen-year period has now been granted patents in GB, USA and across the EU. From the outset our aim has been to maximise branding space, optimise brand location with front-of-wallet positioning and a unique approach to client retention.

Cutting Edge Solutions

During the pandemic lockdown we took the time to analyse future cost-savings and much of what we were doing, and the processes used for the manufacture of our goods. We were we shocked to learn the way in which chemicals from the chromium tanning industry are simply poured into the rivers of India, causing extensive and irreversible damage, eventually ending up in our oceans causing destruction along the way.
Like so many companies over the past year, VB has had the opportunity to sit back and reflect, committing to a more sustainable, ecological, and responsible approach to how we conduct our business and, in the process, has completely reinvented itself from the ground up.
Our new materials are carefully sourced and designed to provide you with a completely robust, ecologically sound, and recyclable product with capabilities and looks that are better than ever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you promote your brand by providing your clients with a blend of elegant, technologically innovative products which assist in the management and protection of their personal data, identity and assets. We achieve this by developing and providing state-of-the-art products, both reacting to known identity theft and loss risks, while also pro-actively developing corporate gifting and promotional merchandising solutions.

Ecologically Responsible

We are excited to be combining ecological materials in our new Ocean Collection working with a completely modern and innovative material; bacterial protein, alongside Ocean Recycled Plastics. Both from award-winning brands with traceability in every thread. Bacterial protein is a newly developed bio-composite material made from bacterial cellulose, grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India. It is primarily derived and relates to the creamy flesh of the coconut, and it is the coconut water (a by-product from harvesting of the coconut) that sustains the bacteria while they are producing the cellulose. This is then collected and refined until it becomes the finished material. Bacterial Cellulose comes from nature and can safely return to nature in the form of a nutrient. VoyagerBlue and its manufacturing partners have developed processes and technologies to produce Malai and have achieved a point where we can design, mould, and develop it into seamless products and accessories.
We are also proud to make use of recycled ocean plastic to play our part in the big ocean clean-up. Using a tried, trusted, and traceable manufacturing processes.

Dyeing with Natural Botanicals

For every wallet you purchase, you will be helping to create cleaner and healthier oceans, bringing them back to life, and at the same time utilising a biproduct from the coconut industry, providing employment, while you get ‘Back on The Move!’
All the dyeing processes of our bacterial protein materials only use cold water and colours derived from: Indigo Plant, Marigold, Acacia, Madder and Cutch Tree.

Do we still use leather? yes, we do! However, all our leather is now sourced from Leather Working Group accredited factories, Italian sourced and naturally tanned using only natural plant materials and tree bark.

In truth, leather is a very natural product and is a biproduct from the food industry, we understand it may not rest well with everyone and we have vegan solutions to suit. However, leather not used simply goes to landfill when it can be utilised in a responsible and ethical manner making sure of course NO chromium salts and other nasty chemicals are not used in the first place.