About Us

Preventing credit card & data theft

VoyagerBlue has dedicated the past 15 years to developing technology solutions for high street/online Retail Markets, Membership/Loyalty/Reward Programmes and the Promotional Merchandising Industry, with innovation at the heart of all we do.


Each VoyagerBlue solution, developed over this fifteen-year period has now been granted patents in GB, USA and across the EU. From the outset our aim has been to maximise branding space, optimise brand location with front-of-wallet positioning and a unique approach to client retention.

Define & Deliver

During the past 30 years, VoyagerBlue expertise has helped define and deliver passenger processing technology to the world’s airlines, airports and governments and, more specifically, technology to assist at all points of the passenger experience, particularly in scrutinizing travel documents and identity data for governmental authentication purposes, including check-in desk, boarding gate, self-service kiosks, immigration & border control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you promote your brand by providing your clients with a blend of elegant, technologically innovative products which assist in the management and protection of their personal data, identity and assets. We achieve this by developing and providing state-of-the-art products, both reacting to known identity theft and loss risks, while also pro-actively developing corporate gifting and promotional merchandising solutions.


The team at VoyagerBlue brings significant experience in the development of technical solutions for a variety of private, public and government bodies. Our product development experience ranges from secure passenger processing solutions for all major worldwide airports, airlines and governments to personal locator products for individuals and asset management companies.

In addition, the team has extensive experience in the provision and production of plastic cards and services in line with ISO regulations.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

We take cutting-edge technical solutions and make them exciting and affordable for the promotional merchandising, corporate gifting and retail marketplaces. The VoyagerBlue RFID shields were initially developed in response to the need for a more robust protection of e-Passport and other contactless / RFID documents, resulting from international security studies. As the card market grew, our portfolio of products to protect your personal assets grew.

International Distribution

We are able to supply direct to our network of USA, UK and global distribution partners with a geographic spread ranging from New York to London to Taipei, allowing for global distribution in an optimal timeframe.

Intellectual Property

All of our products are either patent granted or pending and we take our Intellectual Property (Patents) and Trademarks very seriously. We actively encourage global industry partners interested in licensing or distributing our solutions to make contact and discuss their opportunities with us.