The Smart Wallet Kit

VoyagerBlue launched its Smart Wallet Kit at Travel Goods Show 2017. This kit is designed to turn any wallet or purse into a SmartWallet providing RFID shielding to contactless credit debit and ID cards, as well as a low energy Bluetooth tag to help prevent loss. Should you become separated from your wallet or purse the free to download App notifies you with an audible and vibrating alert plus a GPS pin marker showing where you were when last connected to the misplaced item.

For our trading partners VoyagerBlue’s SmartWallet, comprising two RFID shielding inserts and a 3 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm Bluetooth certified tag, can be branded with any company logo, putting your brand into the wallets.  and purses of your clients. (Note: Wallet is not included)

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