Frequently Asked Questions

How must I carry my VB Cards Shield to protect my Contactless cards?

To ensure cards are carried in accordance with instruction follow these instructions. We cannot be held responsible in the event of any skimming/accidental payment if you do not carry the shields in the correct manner. Duty of proof remains with you.

Carrying to Protect

You can use your VB Card Shield to protect other contactless payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet we recommend you gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another, up to a maximum of 3. You should then place your VB Card Shield on top/in front of them allowing it to shield the cards.

If you want to carry each card separately in its own slot/section then you will need a VB Card Shield for each of the cards in each slot.[/

Which Chipolo do I have? How to use it?

Welcome to the Chipolo Community! Say thanks to whoever gifted you the Chipolo, because from now on: Nothing is Lost!

What is Chipolo?

Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder. That means that you can attach the Chipolo to a valuable you own and ring it in seconds with the Chipolo Application on your phone. Next to that, if you now double press the Chipolo (only applicable to Chipolo Plus and Classic) your phone will also ring!

Which Chipolo do I have?

Chipolo Card: Newest model, water resistant, push button (instead of shake and find), 100 dB volume and 1-year battery life.


Chipolo Plus (Gen 2): water-resistant, improved push-button, 100 dB volume, 6 vibrant colors, improved stability and 1 year lifetime.


Chipolo Classic (Gen2): replaceable batteries 9 months lifetime per battery, improved push-button, 92 dB volume, improved stability.


Chipolo Plus (Gen 1): water-resistant, push-button, 100 dB volume and 1-year battery life.

Chipolo Classic (Gen 1): replaceable batteries, push-button (instead of shake and find), 92 dB volume.

Older Chipolos (Gen 2.5, Gen 2, Gen 1): Older models, replaceable batteries, shake and find, < 80 dB volume.

How to use Chipolo?

In order to unlock the full potential of your Chipolo we recommend running Bluetooth 24/7. This way your Chipolo app can always save the last known location of your valuable. Meaning, that if you would lose your valuables and open the Chipolo app, you can easily find your Chipolo back with the app as it saved the location where you have last seen it. Simply go to that location, open the Chipolo app and wait for the Chipolo to reconnect. Now ring the Chipolo and you have found back your item!

How to setup your Chipolo?

To setup the Chipolo please follow this guide:

Please keep in mind that this will only work with supported devices. To look at the requirements of your phone or tablet, please read this article.

If you got your Chipolo gifted, but someone used it before the Chipolo will not pair with your account. It will say ‘Locked, this chipolo belongs to someone else’. If you encounter this please follow this ‘locked Chipolo’ guide.

What features does Chipolo have?

If you already have set up your Chipolo but would like to know more about its features:

If you can’t find answers to your questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team! They will help you with all your questions.