Frequently Asked Questions

How must I carry my VB Cards Shield to protect my Contactless cards?

To ensure cards are carried in accordance with instruction follow these instructions. We cannot be held responsible in the event of any skimming/accidental payment if you do not carry the shields in the correct manner. Duty of proof remains with you.

Carrying to Protect

You can use your VB Card Shield to protect other contactless payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet we recommend you gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another, up to a maximum of 3. You should then place your VB Card Shield on top/in front of them allowing it to shield the cards.

If you want to carry each card separately in its own slot/section then you will need a VB Card Shield for each of the cards in each slot.

How are these Tags DIFFERENT from other locator products?

  1. your cash & cards or keys are now gone! Both our SmartTag & WalletTag Bluetooth devices will alert you within 10 – 50 feet of walking away from anything you attach them to… AND you can find them on a map, too!
  2. Two-Way Technology with the SmartTag: Find your item using your phone or find your phone using your SmartTag. (Note: The WalletTag can find your phone, but the WalletTag itself is silent and cannot ring – it’s specifically designed that way as a warning device for losing your wallet – i.e. your cash, so it doesn’t let everyone else know!) It also has a “Range Finder” beacon so you first find it on a map and then you can locate it when you are within 50 feet of it and use the beacon to locate it within a 6 foot radius.
  3. The WalletTag is The thinnest Bluetooth proximity loss prevention, tracking device with a replaceable battery: only 3mm (0.11″) thick!
  4. Loss Proximity Alarm: Notifies you when you leave an item behind as well as remembers where you left the item, as shown within the App on a GPS map.
  5. It has a Selfie Remote!! C’mon, how cool is that?

How big are the Tags?

The WalletTag measures 50mm x 30mm and is only 3mm thick (2″ x 1 & 3/16″ x 0.11″) – The world’s THINNEST Bluetooth tracker with a replaceable battery!

The SmartTag measures 61.5mm x 36mm x 11.5mm (2.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″).

How many Tag devices can a Smartphone pair with?

Using the free App, an iOS Smartphone can manage up to 4 Tags at once or 2 Tags on Android.

How do I replace the battery in my Tag?

Both devices have a simple sliding door to make battery replacement easy. WalletTag uses a single CR2016 battery (supplied). SmartTag uses a single CR2032 battery (supplied). Batteries last approximately 9-12 months.

What is the range of each Tag?

Both Tags have a range of approximately 160 feet radius. You can set the sensitivity to “near” or “far” (approx. 10′-50′) for the proximity signal loss alarm distance.

How do the Tags attach to items?

The WalletTag is super slim & slips inside any wallet or purse without detection. It also has a custom pouch available. The SmartTag comes with a key chain.

Are the Tags water resistant?

The Tags will last through rain, but are not waterproof. However, tests where the SmartTag had been fully immersed in water for 30 minutes (the SmartTag went into the washing machine by mistake!) showed the device worked again once the Tag had dried out. Now that’s awesome!!

What version of iOS are these Tags compatible with?

They are compatible with iOS 8.0 & up (iOS will pair with up to 4 Tags).

Are they compatible with Android?

Yes, Android OS 4.4 & up (Android currently pairs with a maximum of 2 Tags).

I just purchased one of your tags but I can’t get it to pair with my phone, why?

Make sure your phone is running at least V8.0 on iOS or at least V4.4 on Android. Also, make sure you have placed the battery the correct way in the tag. Watch the Video Tutorials

My phone just did an update & now my Tag does not work, why?

When Apple or Android release an update to their operating system (OS), please be aware that once you update your phone system, the update will generally affect all extra devices that connect via Bluetooth. This will always happen with Apple products.

In relation to the VoyagerBlue Loss-Alert Tag you purchased from us, your iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet will now recognize the Tag you already have paired/connected as a new device. You will need to delete the original pairing and then re-pair the device.

Please note: This is due to the update on the phone operating system and not an error in the SmartTag App.

For some reason, I cannot turn off the red X on the phone icon or the volume icon on my VB app. What am I doing wrong?

On a WalletTag those two functions are not available and as such cannot be changed. The reasons are:
1. The tag has no internal beeper,as such the volume is of no use.
2. The tag has no internal beeper, as such no call alert function is of use.
On a SmartTag then both functions should work
1. The X by the phone icon can only be “deselected” when using a SmartTag and the reasons are:
A) The red X in place keeps the tag silent “Call Alert OFF” when your phone rings.
B) The red X removed causes the SmartTag to beep when an incoming call is received.
2. If you see a red X by the “speaker” icon, this signifies it is actually a WalletTag paired with your phone, as there is no X with SmartTag. With a SmartTag you get either:
A) Red signifying the highest volume setting.
B) Green signifying the lowest volume setting.
The WalletTag was designed specifically to be silent so, as not to attract attention to a lost wallet or purse. The phone will ring and vibrate, there is also the wallet beacon location function embedded within the App.

Which Chipolo do I have? How to use it?

Welcome to the Chipolo Community! Say thanks to whoever gifted you the Chipolo, because from now on: Nothing is Lost!

What is Chipolo?

Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder. That means that you can attach the Chipolo to a valuable you own and ring it in seconds with the Chipolo Application on your phone. Next to that, if you now double press the Chipolo (only applicable to Chipolo Plus and Classic) your phone will also ring!

Which Chipolo do I have?

Chipolo Card: Newest model, water resistant, push button (instead of shake and find), 100 dB volume and 1-year battery life.


Chipolo Plus (Gen 2): water-resistant, improved push-button, 100 dB volume, 6 vibrant colors, improved stability and 1 year lifetime.


Chipolo Classic (Gen2): replaceable batteries 9 months lifetime per battery, improved push-button, 92 dB volume, improved stability.


Chipolo Plus (Gen 1): water-resistant, push-button, 100 dB volume and 1-year battery life.

Chipolo Classic (Gen 1): replaceable batteries, push-button (instead of shake and find), 92 dB volume.

Older Chipolos (Gen 2.5, Gen 2, Gen 1): Older models, replaceable batteries, shake and find, < 80 dB volume.

How to use Chipolo?

In order to unlock the full potential of your Chipolo we recommend running Bluetooth 24/7. This way your Chipolo app can always save the last known location of your valuable. Meaning, that if you would lose your valuables and open the Chipolo app, you can easily find your Chipolo back with the app as it saved the location where you have last seen it. Simply go to that location, open the Chipolo app and wait for the Chipolo to reconnect. Now ring the Chipolo and you have found back your item!

How to setup your Chipolo?

To setup the Chipolo please follow this guide:

Please keep in mind that this will only work with supported devices. To look at the requirements of your phone or tablet, please read this article.

If you got your Chipolo gifted, but someone used it before the Chipolo will not pair with your account. It will say ‘Locked, this chipolo belongs to someone else’. If you encounter this please follow this ‘locked Chipolo’ guide.

What features does Chipolo have?

If you already have set up your Chipolo but would like to know more about its features:

If you can’t find answers to your questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team! They will help you with all your questions.