Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Tags is the Ultra-Smart Card Carrier Compatible with?

ANY Circular Tag with a diameter of 39mm X 8 mm stored in the rear pouch with NO loss of tracker / Bluetooth Signal. Such as Apple, Chipolo, TILE and others with the dimensions listed      below.

ANY Rectangular shaped Tag with a dimension of 38mm x 70mm x 5 mm stored in the rear tag pouch with NO loss of Bluetooth Signal. Such as the Chipolo.

Any rectangular shaped Tag with a dimension of 86 mm X 54 mm X 2.5 mm (Credit card sized) stored in one of the credit cards slots, however, please NOTE: Due to the multiple layers of         shielding technology used to protect the cards some loss of signal will occur. Compatible with TILE. 

  1. Can I expect any signal loss from my chosen tracker / tag?

Please note: The human body causes some absorption of any Radio Frequency, however whilst stored in the dedicated tag pouch you should not suffer any loss.

  1. Can I obtain new Touch Stylus if lost?

YES, please email

  1. Is each credit card equally shielded?

Yes, each card slot has its own unique layer of shielding technology, and each card slot is as deep as each card to ensure the antenna on any given card is protected.

  1. How do I store bank notes?

Each bank note is best folded individually and slid inside the vertical pouch. The helps to ensure when banknotes are retrieved that only one note comes out at a time. Banknotes can be stored in the centre receipt section too.

  1. Will I be able to hear the tag when inserted into the tag pouch?

Yes, the Ocean recycled plastic is a woven material and allows most of the sound to pass through. 

  1. What level of RFID shielding does the wallet provide.

Our tests show a level of approximately 99%.

  1. Are all the wallets Vegan?

YES, The Ocean recycled Plastic or Ocean recycled Plastic and Coconut wallets are Vegan!

However, the Ocean recycled plastic and naturally tanned leather, or ALL leather wallets are not!

  1. How do I care for or simply clean the wallet?

With leather and Ocean recycled plastic and naturally tanned leather, wiping down with a damp cloth is generally good enough to remove dirt and everyday stains.

With Coconut milk, the same applies, wiping down with a slightly damp cloth and to and ensure a longer life, wiping with a natural wax from time to time: ENSURING IT IS DRY BEFORE USING AGAIN SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE ITEMS OF CLOTHING.