Licensing with Voyager Blue

At VoyagerBlue we always encourage entrepreneurialism and innovation and just because we own granted I.P. a “collaborative and harmonious” approach does not mean we have any intention of stopping you.

Whether independently funded or even a start-up, if you are about to go to crowd funding on whatever platform you wish, you MUST do your due diligence beforehand, as I.P. mistakes can be very costly. In the worst-case scenario, wiping out any revenue and profit you make and significantly more…. It is a serious issue!

What does a license from VB look like?

A Simple Win-Win Partnership

1. Simply licence our I.P. and design your own solution with whatever materials you decide is right for you, pay your annual fee, display the VB patent numbers and away you go.

Or alternatively:

2. Establish a business and grow it quickly. In that case, you may wish to take what we call “VB in a Box.” This will include:

Access to:

a) Our granted I.P.
b) Our Trademark.
c) Our Knowhow in terms of RFID shielding, tracker technology, ecology, sustainability, and ethics, drawing from our many years of research.
d) Your own VB License manager to help you understand the markets and opportunities out there and of course any other support you may need.
e) Our exceptionally well-thought-out designs.
f) Our exceptionally well-thought-out travel features.
g) Our accredited factories and end-to-end supply chain.
h) Our License partner portal with images, video, technology reports and much more.

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Value Proposition

VoyagerBlue’s licence proposition is based on a flat fee spread over 12 months, and at the end of each 12-month period, a point at which we can reflect, review, and decide how we move forward.

The first 12 months is the most economic allowing you to build your business in readiness for the second, third and many years to follow, and yes, the licence fee will reasonably grow, but only in line with your business growth, generally based on your performance and projections, we will continue to agree a simple flat annual fee.

As Managing Director, inventor, and patent owner I actively encourage you to contact us, even if you have already made significant sums on Crowd Funding, a licence from VB is “SIMPLE” and could help avoid protracted and costly legal fees, and for our part we’ll call this a crowd funding amnesty, so let’s talk?

Below are extracts from our patents, some language changed to “plain language” so please take time to review it and for sure we are 100% happy for your lawyers to review our patents too.

Intellectual property extracts from granted Patent Claims made across patent numbers: USRE47189 – GB 2479443 – E.U. 11723106.8 

Claim1. An apparatus comprising a shield for a passive device and a receiver remotely coupled to the shield, the shield being adapted to provide radio frequency shielding to block selected radio frequencies the shield further comprising a transmitter to send a coupling signal being of at least one or more blocked frequencies, the receiver having the means to monitor the distance between the receiver and transmitter. 

Claim 3. Set as a locating device to detect or provide an alert signal when in range. 

Claim4. A time or date when distance exceeded. 

Claim 5. Search for the shield in order to pair with a transmitter the receiver having the means to activate the alert. 

Claim 6. A Vibrating Alert, a sound alert, a visual alert able to increase in pitch. 

Claim 10.A receiver incorporated in a mobile phone, the receiver being able to monitor the distance between the receiver and transmitter. 

Claim 11. The receiver has the means to detect signals from a plurality (several) coupled transmitters.

Claim 12. At least a Bluetooth signal, Radio Frequency Signal and or a Wi-Fi Signal. 

Claim 13. The receiver has the means to indicate the presence of a transmitter. 

Claim 16. Wherein a plurality of further receivers is provided in a linked network. 

Claim 18. The apparatus of Claim 1 where the shield and transmitter are incorporated in at least one of the following: a bag, wallet, purse, item of clothing, document, book and passport.

 Claim 22. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein the shield is fixed to the transmitter by incorporation into a wallet or purse. 

In conclusion, if you have raised funds from crowd funding or any kind of investment and you have an RFID shielding wallet, with a loss prevention device, even if the loss prevention device is simply slipped inside the wallet, it will be connected to the shield by the material used in manufacturing the wallet, whether that material is: leather, synthetic material, aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium.

The decision ultimately rests with you, I’m happy to share the details of our lawyers in London and California and more than happy to allow you to grow your brand, we are not here to stop you, but just to exercise our right to protect what we have patented.

 Your first line of defence is attack!

We truly understand your first reaction to our proposal for a collaboration is to attack the VB patent.  However, in anticipation of this, VB sent its patent back to the USPTO for a regrant, to remove ambiguity, and in essence allow the USPTO to attack our patent!

There is significant risk in this process, as we could stand to lose our patent at the end of their 12-month deliberation. Thankfully, we didn’t, and it came out after a long process with a granted patent free from ambiguity.

Our aim is a reasonable early outcome benefiting both business and in essence yours more than VBs, as this is a fixed licence fee.  We are not demanding a licence fee and a percentage of sales revenue, just a simple economic fixed annual fee spread over 12-monthly instalments.