RFID Shielding Card & ePass Protectors

For the first time in promotional marketing, we can offer a solution that makes your Business Card one that will be seen every day and not thrown away or placed in a dark drawer or holder.
Our patented VB Shield can be printed with your business card information to provide an executive-class, must-keep business card that will ensure prospective and existing clients, customers and working partners always carry the brand of your company.
In addition, you will be protecting your staff as they travel the world doing business for you or while they are on vacation.

If you provide Loyalty/Gift/Membership/Discount cards with chipped data carrying form or non-data carrying form, we can provide you with a branded additional RFID shield card to accompany every customer card you issue. This will ensure that your card is always in their wallet/purse or pocket as they have your branded shield with them which in turn will mean they carry your loyalty card with them also.

On our non-chipped data cards we can make them to include built-in Shield technology as we do in our own Proof of Age Cards. By doing this we can ensure that the cardholder carries it at all times and sees your company’s brand every day, on every occasion they open a wallet or purse, or whenever they take the shielded loyalty/gift card out of their pocket to show someone or to spend money during a night out… it turns the card into a must-have, must-carry branding tool that is unique in the marketing world!

How safe is my passport data?

Little do people know that the technology used in the worlds e-Passport or biometric passports, as they are also known, uses the same chip technology operating at 13.56 MHz as do your RFID/Credit and debit cards, having said that they do run different security algorithm.

It’s also not widely known that the U.S passport contains shielding technology in the cover of the E-Passport to protect against unwanted intrusion and you may ask, if they do it, why don’t others, it a very valid question?

When the e-Passport was developed, NFC enabled phones, were virtually unheard of and as such offered no threat, however, todays very sophisticated phones with integrated NFC (13.56MHz) reading capability can communicate with any biometric e-passport, except the US passport (when the book is closed).

For sure, there are security features embedded making it difficult, but perhaps not impossible to compromise and it’s worth remembering “PhD’s don’t only work for Governments”. Recent articles across the globe talk about our very precious data being accessed and used in ways never intended by the authorities.

Free to download apps are available on the Google plays store able to read your e-Passport and we wonder how long it will be, before a longer-range reader is developed, capable of stealing your data a distance greater than 4 cm, data such as, photograph, first and last name, date of birth, passport number, issue and expiry date. All this data is stored within the first few groups of stored data on the passport and only protected by a solution called Basic Access Control, or in industry speak BAC.

VoyagerBlue has a very effective Patented RFID shielding solution for our biometric passports that simply slips inside the passport, generally next to the data or photograph page, and when inserted offers and exceptional shielding solution. VB’s e-Pass shield is very much appropriate to governments wishing to enhance security, and should be treated as an additional security feature, just like Basic Access Control (BAC) Extended Access Control (EAC) and Active Authentication (AA), as well as any other micro print and optical variable devices (OVD) used in today’s secure documents.

Finally, the VB e-Pass shield acts as a spine to the biometric e-passports offering additional protection to the embedded chip helping prevent impact damage and breakage of the chip.

For more information or additional updates on Biometric passports and their potential vulnerability, contact us and ask about VB ePass Shield.

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