e-Pass Passport Shield Family 4 Pack


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e-Pass Passport Shield Family 4 Pack

The increase in contactless data transfer technology on our ePassports, contactless credit / payment, and loyalty cards as well as other forms of identity are all designed to aid efficiency and reduce waiting times. However, these technologies lend themselves to accidental data loss and malicious data theft, which can be very costly to your personal data.

Data can be accidentally read by a terminal or inconspicuously skimmed by the person stood next to you using a Smartphone and readily available free to download apps. CBS News reports that every 79 seconds, a thief steals someone’s identity. Prevention is better than cure with the only effective solution being to physically shield your contactless data.

Our ePass Passport Shield is designed to prevent accidental or malicious reading of your electronic chip passport.

Please note – You should ensure your VB ePassport Shield is inserted in the rear section of your passport, adjacent to the RFID Chip page. If you do not carry it in this manner then we cannot guarantee that your data is safe.

If you wish to inquire about custom-printed RFID shields for your corporate messaging, please email us by clicking this link to our Contact page.


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