Kensington Slim RFID Mini SmartWallet


Kensington Mini SmartWallet includes RFID shielding & Bluetooth loss prevention alarm and rapidly growing worldwide connected community for speedy repatriation of lost items.

An elegant and stylish universal non-gender RFID / Contactless shielding SmartWallet. Secures up to 6 contactless credit or debit cards with a unique “Flip Tap Pay” functionality. Kensington is supplied with a Bluetooth Tag powered by Chipolo Technology and its own dedicated pouch for storage.

Kensington is designed to aid in protecting your cards, cash and I.D and pairs with your mobile phone using low energy Bluetooth and comes with a free-to-download App for both Android and IOS. Unlike other mini wallets which use Aluminium boxes to store cards, Kensington utilises a specifically engineered shielding fabric, allowing the passage of Bluetooth, but blocking 13.56MHz, the frequency used for contactless / RFID credit and debit card transactions.

Allowing the passage of 2.4 GHz Bluetooth helps maintain a stronger connection and thus results in fewer false alarms.

No springs, clips or mechanisms to malfunction, your protected bank cards are shielded for peace of mind, with a non-shielded section flip out section for rapid transactions when passing through train barriers and on buses, “Flip Tap-Pay”.


  • Unisex RFID Shielding SmartWallet.
  • Position for 6 credit or debit cards, 4 shielded and 2 not.
  • Dedicated Position for Banknotes.
  • Integrated shielding on the two sides forming the outside of the wallet when clasped shut.
  • Free to download App for Android and IOS.
  • One of the fastest growing connected communities.
  • Standard colour: Black. other colours available (MOQs apply).
  • All leather – P.U. available on request and MOQ.
  • Protected under USA- & European-granted patents.
  • Bluetooth Special Interest Group Certified, FCC and CE compliant.