VB ePassport RFID Shield Twin Pack Corporate Gift

Electronic RFID-Blocking ePassport Shields x 2. Protect your ePassport from unauthorised access attempts and data theft.

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How safe is my passport data?

Little do people know that the technology used in the worlds e-Passport, or biometric passports as they are also known, use the same chip technology operating at 13.56 MHz as do your RFID/Credit and debit cards.

When the e-Passport was developed, NFC enabled phones were virtually unheard of, and as such offered no threat. However, today’s very sophisticated phones with integrated NFC (13.56MHz) reading capability can communicate with any biometric e-passport. (except the US passport – when the passport is closed).
For sure, there are security features embedded making it difficult, but perhaps not impossible to compromise, and it’s worth remembering “PhD’s don’t only work for Governments.” Recent articles across the globe talk about our very precious data being accessed and used in ways never intended by the authorities.

VoyagerBlue has a very effective Patented RFID shielding solution for biometric passports that simply slips inside the passport, generally next to the data or photograph page, and when inserted offers and exceptional shielding solution. VB’s e-Pass shield is very much appropriate to governments wishing to enhance security, and should be treated as an additional security feature, just like all the others: Basic Access Control (BAC) Extended Access Control (EAC) and Active Authentication (AA), as well as any other micro print and optical variable devices (OVD) used in today’s secure documents.

Finally, the VB e-Pass shield acts as a spine to the biometric e-passports offering additional protection to the embedded chip helping prevent impact damage and breakage of the chip. For more information or additional updates on Biometric passports and their potential vulnerability, contact us and ask about VB ePass Shield.