VB RFID Card Shield Family 3 Pack Corporate Gift

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RFID-Blocking Credit Card Shields x 3 VB Card Shield – protection for credit/debit/id cards from RFID / NFC data theft

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“A thief with an Android phone & free App can steal your credit card number in less than 2 seconds!”

Did You Know?

Card clash, accidental payment, double charging and data skimming is on the rise. This could happen to you in shops, bars, transport systems, restaurants, ATM’s or even when thieves are just walking past you.

The modern Cyber pickpocket can simply be armed with nothing more than a modern Smartphone enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) using freely-available Apps capable of extracting your credit card number and expiration date with a simple tap of your pocket, without you even noticing.

The more serious criminals arm themselves with a powered antenna and more sophisticated skimming software constantly evolving in an attempt to steal your personal data at distances massively greater than the 4cm specified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

With the banks automatically updating chip and pin cards with multi-function contactless payment cards, most of us have or will in the future be paying for goods and services via contactless / RFID payment terminals, without the need to enter a pin.

This involves the contactless reader transmitting a radio frequency signal to the antenna and chip in your bank card. The problem is the reader will accept payment from the first card that responds to the signal. That could mean it will accept a different card in your wallet or purse to the one you intended, or if your handbag, purse or wallet is too close to the payment terminal you intend to use or the one next to you, you could potentially end up paying for someone else’s lunch.

The Contactless Card Shield Protector

In response to these issues, a groundbreaking patented RFID Shield has been designed to prevent personal/payment/passport and, in some instances, swipe entry system data from being electronically skimmed.

The Shield technology has been patented by VoyagerBlue following extensive research and development in conjunction with The University of Bolton and can be incorporated into any plastic card or be used as a separate standalone branded/business card/loyalty member card/passport product. By placing an RFID shield next to a contactless card in a wallet or purse, the technology blocks the signals NFC devices use to ‘read’ the chip data – providing a shield for your personal information.

Not only does the technology protect contactless cards, but it is also available in an e-passport Shield format to provide protection to bio-metric passports – this works in a similar way, by simply inserting the Passport Shield into the ePassport.

We can build this technology into any card that does not contain chip/magnetic data and/or as a standalone marketing product, therefore making it an essential tool.

By carrying it at all times, your company-branded card will be used as a loyalty/discount card and your brand will be visible daily, promoting customer loyalty and sending the message that you are interested in their well-being at all times. The Shield will always be carried by YOUR customers/staff as it is protecting all the cards in their wallets/purses from skimming.