WalletTag Bluetooth Loss Alert Tag


WalletTag is engineered to aid in preventing the loss of your valuables including passports, wallet, purse, credit cards, smartphone, in fact, anything you have tagged.

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Our WalletTag Bluetooth® Loss Alert Tag pairs with your Smartphone and sounds an audible alarm on your phone when you’re separated from your essential possessions. You can set distance controls from 10 to 50 feet to allow the WalletTag to send a message/alarm to your phone should you leave your tagged item behind. When separated, the WalletTag Device Tracker sends a signal via Bluetooth to your phone so that the location of your item is not alerted to strangers.

The WalletTag is a one-way alarm system with the notification being raised on the mobile phone only. If you leave your wallet behind, you do not want to attract attention to it. Your Smartphone will alert you within 50 feet of being separated from it. If your item is lost, you can locate it on Google maps from within the App to see where you were separated from your item. The WalletTag also has a “Range Finder” system that will change color as you get closer to your lost item until you are within 6 feet of it!

If you have misplaced your phone, you can press the button on your WalletTag Device to make your phone ring, even if it is on silent mode!

WalletTag Bluetooth® Loss Alert Tag Features

  • Range Alarm Threshold Setting – allowing you to set the distance for your tagged item from 10 to 50 feet.
  • Position Marking – informing you via Google maps where your item was separated from your phone.
  • Map Pin-Drop – Mark the place in the App where you park your car as a reminder for later.
  • “Selfie” Remote Camera Control – allowing you to take photographs from your phone remotely.
  • Phone/Tag Finder Alarm – if you can’t find your phone, WalletTag can activate your phone to ring, even when it’s on silent.
  • Multiple Device Connection – iOS can attach 4 tags to any one mobile and Android can attach 2 WalletTags. (Any more than this will rapidly deplete your phone battery)

You can download our free App before you purchase to ensure your phone is compatible with our VB Bluetooth tag.







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