“A thief with an Android phone & free App can steal your credit card number
in less than 2 seconds!”

Did You Know?

Card clash, accidental payment, double charging and data skimming is on the rise.

This could happen to you Accidentally and without you realising in transport systems, as evidenced by the continued accidental payment issues on Transport for London and other contactless transport systems, shops, bars, restaurants, ATM’s or even when thieves are just walking past you.

With the banks automatically updating chip and pin cards with multi-function contactless payment cards, most of us have or will in the future be paying for goods and services via contactless / RFID payment terminals, without the need to enter a pin.

This involves the contactless reader transmitting a radio frequency signal to the antenna and chip in your bank card. The problem is the reader will accept payment from the first card that responds to the signal. That could mean it will accept a different card in your wallet or purse to the one you intended, or if your handbag, purse or wallet is too close to the payment terminal you intend to use or the one next to you, you could potentially end up paying for someone else’s lunch.

The modern Cyber pickpocket can simply be armed with nothing more than a modern Smartphone enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) using freely-available Apps capable of extracting your credit card number and expiration date with a simple tap of your pocket, without you even noticing.

The more serious criminals arm themselves with a powered antenna and more sophisticated skimming software constantly evolving in an attempt to steal your personal data at distances massively greater than the 4cm specified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).



For the first time in promotional corporate marketing, we can offer a solution that makes your Business Card one that will be seen every day and not thrown away or placed in a dark drawer or holder.

Our patented VB Shield can be printed with your business card information to provide an executive-class, must-keep business card that will ensure prospective and existing clients, customers and working partners always carry the brand of your company.

In addition, you will be protecting your staff as they travel the world doing business for you or while they are on vacation.

VoyagerBlue’s RFID / Contactless technology


If you supply any kind of plastic card to clients as a loyalty, membership or gift voucher in retail, VoyagerBlue can supply you with a branded RFID / Contactless shielding version of that card, emphasising one of the strongest brand propositions of any card of its kind, one you know will always be carried in the wallet or purse, not left at home or in the glove compartment.

VoyagerBlue’s RFID / Contactless technology utilises engineered and sustainable elements, with no components that break, wear or stop performing, and will last for years!

Data from all contactless credit and debit cards can be accessed using free to download apps but perhaps the biggest threat is accidental payment and double charging. Think it doesn’t happen? All you need do is review the Transport For London (TFL) website to understand just what a problem it is to one of the worlds largest Mass Transit Railways (MTR) networks.


The Technology

How safe is my passport data?

Little do people know that the technology used in the worlds e-Passport, or biometric passports as they are also known, use the same chip technology operating at 13.56 MHz as do your RFID/Credit and debit cards.

When the e-Passport was developed, NFC enabled phones were virtually unheard of, and as such offered no threat. However, today’s very sophisticated phones with integrated NFC (13.56MHz) reading capability can communicate with any biometric e-passport. (except the US passport – when the passport is closed).
For sure, there are security features embedded making it difficult, but perhaps not impossible to compromise, and it’s worth remembering “PhD’s don’t only work for Governments.” Recent articles across the globe talk about our very precious data being accessed and used in ways never intended by the authorities.

VoyagerBlue has a very effective Patented RFID shielding solution for biometric passports that simply slips inside the passport, generally next to the data or photograph page, and when inserted offers and exceptional shielding solution. VB’s e-Pass shield is very much appropriate to governments wishing to enhance security, and should be treated as an additional security feature, just like all the others: Basic Access Control (BAC) Extended Access Control (EAC) and Active Authentication (AA), as well as any other micro print and optical variable devices (OVD) used in today’s secure documents.

Finally, the VB e-Pass shield acts as a spine to the biometric e-passports offering additional protection to the embedded chip helping prevent impact damage and breakage of the chip. For more information or additional updates on Biometric passports and their potential vulnerability, contact us and ask about VB ePass Shield.

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