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Back To School With VoyagerBlue SmartTag

school-suppliesWhen you think of sending your kids back to school, the costs start to add up quickly. According to a recent report by Huntington Bank, the average cost for elementary school is $659. And it only gets worse as they get older. You can expect to spend a whopping $1,498 for a high school student!

On top of all of these costs, imagine if your child lost their backpack. On top of all the supplies that will need to be replaced, you’d also be responsible for any textbooks they lose as well, which can range from $50 all the way up to $500!

We all know kids are busy these days. From school, to homework, to the ton of after-school activities, they’re all stretched a bit thin. It’s easy to understand how they can forget or lose their backpack.

When you send your child back to school this year, simply add a VoyagerBlue SmartTag to their backpack. The SmartTag will instantly alert them if they’ve left their backpack behind. And if they happen to lose their backpack, the built in map feature will show the last place it was seen, making it easier to find the lost items. Not to mention, they’ll love the built in selfie remote!