Voyager Blue Bluetooth TrackersStop Losing Your Stuff!

Have you ever lost your wallet, purse or keys? What if there was a way to easily call your items and find them? With VoyagerBlue’s Bluetooth trackers, now you can! Simply insert the WalletTag inside your wallet, or attach the SmartTag to your purse, keys or anything else you don’t want to lose!

Don’t Wait Until You Know It’s Missing!

With VoyagerBlue’s SmartTag and WalletTag you can be automatically notified if you’re separated from your tagged items. With customizable settings from 10 to 50 feet, our smartphone app will alert you anytime you’re further than the set distance from your item.

WalletTag Bluetooth Tracker

Call Your Lost Keys

When you misplace anything that you’ve tagged with the SmartTag, simply use our smartphone app to sound an audible alert on the SmartTag.  Even better, you can set the app on your Smartphone to alert you when you’re separated from your tagged item!


WalletTag Bluetooth Tracker

And don’t forget your wallet

Slip the WalletTag into your wallet or purse and set your Smartphone to notify you when you’ve been separated. No more forgetting your wallet in the morning rush. With the WalletTag, only your phone will sound to alert you. No need to alert those nearby to your wallet being left behind.

Map in App 1

But What If You Misplace Your Phone?

You can use both the WalletTag & SmartTag Bluetooth Trackers to make your phone ring too!

Where did you leave it?

If you are separated from your tagged item, simply open the VoyagerBlue smartphone app and it will show you the last known location. Save yourself time hunting for keys that are sitting on your kitchen table or remind yourself which restaurant you left your wallet in.